Slavery/Human Trafficking

Over the past few years, I have been made aware of the severity of modern day global slavery and human trafficking.

I was at a concert in Central Park seeing a favorite band of mine and at several points in the evening, the sponsoring organization shared the facts with the audience. I was appalled, blown away and did nothing.

Over the past year, this issue has become more important to me, so I am starting to do something about it.

Facts about Slavery / Human Trafficking 

What is slavery and human trafficking?
Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Sex Trafficking, Forced Migrant Labor, Involuntary Domestic Servitude, Forced Child Labor, Child Soldiers and Children Exploited for Commercial Sex including Child Sex Tourism


Even more facts presented by the End It Movement. The top level point of 27 Million or more people enslaved today is just unbelievable!

As I stated on the home page, this is totally unacceptable. Moving forward, I will share as much information on this web and I will be moving forward to help support this cause through reputable organizations. Primarily those affiliated globally with the End It Movement, as well as local organizations in the Rochester, NY and New York City areas.


The Huffington Post wrote a great article on the End It Movement. Please read “The ‘End It’ Movement: Are These Truths Self-evident?”

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